Course Projects

Tuberculosis Detection using Chest X-ray with Deep Learning (2022)

  • Presentation

    In this work, I have detected TB reliably from the chest X-ray images using image pre-processing, data augmentation and deep-learning classification techniques. Four different deep CNNs (ResNet18, ChexNet, InceptionV3, and MobileNet) were used for transfer learning from their pre-trained initial weights and were trained,validated and tested for classifying TB and non-TB normal cases.

Portable Heart Rate Monitoring System (2020)

  • L3 T1 (UG 5th Semester), GitHub
  • Technologies: AtMega32 micro controller, HC-05 Bluetooth Module, 16x2 LCD Display, Android Device

Portable heart rate monitor is a personal monitoring device that measures the heart rate using optical sensors in real time and send the measured the data to directly to an android device. We are developing prototype of this application using the continuous monitoring of parameters to detect and predict the heart attack and generate an alarm.

Spondon - A Medical App (2020)

  • GitHub, Technologies: NodeJs, MongoDB, Android

User can search a blood donor; Search parameter: name, blood group, division, district, availability User can search an ambulance or oxygen cylinder; Search parameter: name division, district User can show the live bed status of all the hospitals of Bangladesh and filter the hospitals according to hospital name, division, district, availability, last update We have an admin side built in React from where admin can perform CRUD operation for ambulance and oxygen cylinder.

Algorithm Simulator (2018)

  • L1 T2 (2nd semester) GitHub
  • Technology: JavaFX, Java, InelliJ

Aim of this project was to get familiar with OOP language, GUI designing, and simulate different algorithms visually by taking input from users. This is a java project that shows simulation of 3 sorting algorithms and BFS. JavaFx is used for the UI part. In our simulation part of sorting algorithm, we resize the bar of input given by the user so that it can fit in window.
Shovito Barua Soumma
Shovito Barua Soumma
Graduate Research Associate
PhD Student

Currently I am working on building and optimizing deep learning models for wearable sensors data.